The Things we do
Our work is to Serve the Helpless, the Hopeless and the Defenseless...
A service and a Direction of President Duterte; and our work for many years.

Our Medical Systems _ MDSC {Medical Division of Special Concerns}

Tebow Cure Hospital in Davao -  We do remote Screening and we transport.

- Orthopedics - all bone related injuries and deformities; including spinal

- Some Burns issues

- Cleft and other special concerns

- Children Surgery


Barangayan Medical

- We screen for all Medical Surgeries with the Mayor's Barangayan Weekly Services. Then we process all needs for follow-up. In many cases we do direct Hospital Admittance or referrer.


Medical Services - From our Office in Gensan we provide the following:

- Thyroid Surgery

- Children Hernia - all

- GYN Surgery

- Other Abdominal Surgery

- Colostomy reversal


Facilitation of Medical needs with our partners.....

Philhealth is required in most case;. some charges may apply beyond Phil Health. Most programs are designed for Phil Oealth for the Indigent Patient



- Colostomy reversial
Drug Rehab Systems
- On-line and live on-air Radio meetings with local programing.
Certified modulars. EMS Involvement and officer and staff training.
Eye Care - Cateract Surgery - Other Eye Surgery
- This is a current program that we provided for many years until the change in Phil Health. At this time we are transporting to Tacurong for Surgery. 2017 will open with our Clinic here in Gensan with RO Diagan Coorperative Hospital in Gensan. At that time we will move to catch up.  Watch for updates
Special Services-  Heart Surgery
- We are working to process Children in need of Heart Surgery.. This is a work in process.
In Office Suegery Monthly - Done in our office in City Heights
- Our Patient Surgery  - ie: Cysts, Large  and Small - Some Breast cysts and other
On services days we process about 30 surgeries per day.
Remote Site Screening - Medical
- We run  weekly remote mountain screening for patients needs. This includes both Surgery and Medical screening. Medical includes free medications. We go where others do not go...
Disaster Services-
- ICS { Incident Command Systems} - Training, Response
EMS and 911 
- EMS { Emergency Medical Services } and 911 Systems
Currently Training Barangay Teams with the City. Kiwanis is also involved as a Partner.
Drug Rehab